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Centrocot presents PREFER project at NoToxs conference
21 lug 2014 11:10:00
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Tuesday, July 8th, 2014 in Busto Arsizio (VA), Centrocot held a conference for presenting and launching NoToxs project, funded by the Chamber of Commerce of Varese for local companies.

By the recent reports by Greenpeace that, although with greater severity than the mandatory regulations, have shown the presence of substances harmful to humans and the environment in different textiles, Centrocot has grasped the need to support companies of the Textile Clothing Fashion that produce or use fabrics for the outdoors.

The overall objective of the initiative is to support the companies, where appropriate, in developing and improving their production processes in line with consumer expectations and market trends.

During the meeting focused on issues of health and safety for consumers and safeguard of the environment from hazardous chemicals and processes and pollutants, Centrocot has explained in detail the purpose of the PREFER project, certainly relevant to topics covered in the conference.

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