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PREFER project has a budget of more than 1,5 millions of euro and a duration of 39 months (october 2013 - december 2016). Project partners are: Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Centro Tessile Cotoniero e Abbigliamento SpA, Consortium of Asti wine, Industrial Agricultural and Food District Nocera Gragnano, ERVET Emilia Romagna development agency and Lombardy Region. The project is aimed to test the PEF – Product Environmental Footprint at 8 average products representing 8 clusters. The pilot clusters are:

Paper district of Lucca

Tuscany fashion district

Lumbardy textile district

Wine district of Asti

Agricultural and Food District of Nocera Gragnano

Northern Italy industrial tomato cluster

Shoes district of San Mauro Pascoli

Lombardy wood district