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The Sant'Anna School coordinates the Project Management. This action provides periodical meetings among the project partners to plan the future activities. The main tool of project management is the Steering Committee (SC) composed by the project partners and the representatives of the regions operating in the Cartesio network, that support the PREFER. The SC meets regularly to discuss the progress of the project, to assess the contributions of each partner and solve any issues arising during the project implementation. The Adivisory Board is another tool activated in Project Management; it is composed by different stakeholders following the development of the project PREFER and evaluate the achieved results.

The Monitoring action, coordinated by the Sant’Anna School, aims at periodically cheking the project progress and guarantees the achievement of expected results. The action includes a monitoring team that periodically checks the progress of the project and the compliance with deadlines scheduled. There is an internal auditor who verifies the completion of each action. A monitoring tool is realized and it is composed by indicators and data.