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Tuscany fashion district

The Tuscany supply chain of fashion products involves several industrial sectors and especially 3 industrial clusters: the tanning district of Santa Croce, the textile district of Prato and the fashion district of Empoli. This chain is located in the centre of Tuscany and involves many municipalities and provinces (Firenze, Pistoia, Prato, Pisa). Totally the three districts include around 12.000 companies employing more than 60.000 workers. The tannery district produces the 35% of the national production of skins and 98% of the national production of sole leather. The main products of this cluster are shoes, bags and other leather products. The Prato textile cluster operates since 1100 with a clear predominance of textile production: the mainly produces fabrics, which represent the largest share of production, yarns, tissues, textile machinery and clothes. The district of Empoli is specialized in some clothes as coats and shirts. The clothing industry is the central feature of the productive fabric of the district.