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Lombardy dairy cluster

Lombardy region is, in general, the “milk valley” of Italy, the 42% of Italian milk is produced there, along with its famous cheeses as Grana Padano DOP or Gorgonzola DOP or Taleggio DOP and so on. The “Milk District” is a network of dairy companies which share some common goals:

- Technological innovation as well as environmental sustainability, with particular reference to  environmental credits, to the reduction of pollutant emissions and energy saving

- Market globalization

- Analyzing, reviewing, and writing new proposals concerning dairy agricultural and political policies, at all levels (local, regional, national, European)

The cluster involves 13 companies operating in the milk sector, 7 cooperatives, 1 groups of producers, processors and research centres and around 1.000 barns. The cluster production (939.000 ton/year) represents the 21,6 % of all milk produced in Lombardy.

The Lombardy Milk District was created, according to a Lombardy regional law in 2010, as agricultural district aiming to promoting and adding value to Lombardy milk from a production chain perspective, the one to coordinate and support all the components of the production chain.

Photos of this page and in home page come from photo archive of Lombardy Region - DG Agriculture. Author: Carlo Silva