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Lombardy textile clothing and fashion district

The Lombardy Textile Clothing and Fashion industry is composed by 15 thousand active enterprises that employ about 97,000 workers (year 2012) and represents 22,6% of the national total of the sector and the regional primacy.
The supply chain is divided into two main sub-sectors: textiles, production treatments and finishing of yarns and fabrics with more than 5,500 companies, and clothing manufacturing, with more than 9,000 companies. In some provinces, such as Varese, the presence of the textile industry (weaving, dyeing and finishing) is more pronounced than the clothing one, reaching more than 50%.
The regional Textile Clothing and Fashion industry, despite the persistence of the crisis period, actively contributes to the positive balance of export, classifying the Lombardy as the first exporting region for the sector at national level.