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First series of public consultations for Environmental Footprint Pilots
13 mag 2014 04:04:00
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The process for the development of Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCRs) forsees a number of consultation processes (physical and web-based). From February to May, the first physical consultations will be held in Brussels covering the pilots of the non-food sector. This is an opportunity for interested stakeholders to discuss and comment on the first outputs of the pilots, including:

- the precise definition of the product group/sector;

- the results of the analysis of existing Product Category Rules/Organisation Sector Rules to check potential compliance with the requirements of the Product/Organisation Environmental Footprint method;

- the "representative product or organisation"

Comments regarding these issues will be gathered and discussed during the meeting. Comments can also be provided in writing through the e-commenting wiki pages for a four-week period. Details at

» The Product Environmental Footprint Pilots

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